What’s Consciousness? From the Materials Mind to the Infinite Thoughts and Past

What’s Consciousness? From the Materials Mind to the Infinite Thoughts and Past

What’s Consciousness?
From the Materials Mind to the Infinite Thoughts and Past


What is Consciousness: New Insights Into the Origins of Mindthe whole lot neuroscientists and mind researchers suppose they find out about what consciousness is, is being shaken up by findings on the cutting-edge of science and drugs.

A New Idea of Consciousness

What is consciousness? What in regards to the thoughts? If the world is vibration, can be thoughts and consciousness a type of vibration? Or quite the opposite, are all vibrations, the noticed world, a manifestation of thoughts and human consciousness?

Though it’s true that when all is claimed and finished all we all know is our consciousness, it’s also true that we have no idea our personal consciousness, to not point out the consciousness of anybody else. We have no idea what consciousness actually is or how it’s associated to the mind. Since our consciousness is the idea of our id, we have no idea who we actually are. Are we a physique that generates the stream of sensations we name consciousness, or are we a consciousness related to a mind and physique that shows it? Can we have consciousness, or are we consciousness? Human consciousness might be a form of phantasm, a set of sensations produced by the workings of our mind. But it surely is also that our physique is a automobile, a transmitter of a consciousness that’s the primary actuality of the world. The world might be materials, and thoughts might be an phantasm. Or the world might be consciousness, and the materiality of the world might be the phantasm.

Each of those potentialities have been explored within the historical past of philosophy, and at this time we’re a step nearer than earlier than to understanding which of those theories of consciousness is true. There are essential insights rising on the increasing frontiers the place bodily science and consciousness analysis be a part of.

On the idea of a rising collection of observations and experiments to reply the query of “What’s consciousness?”, a brand new consensus is rising. It’s that “my” consciousness is not only my consciousness, which means the consciousness produced by my mind, any greater than a program transmitted over the air can be a program produced by my TV set. Similar to a program broadcast over the air continues to exist when my TV set is turned off, my human consciousness and aware consciousness continues to exist when my mind is turned off.

Consciousness is an actual ingredient in the true world. The physique and mind don’t produce consciousness; they show it. And it doesn’t stop when life within the physique does. Thoughts and consciousness is a mirrored image, a projection, a manifestation of the intelligence that “in-forms” the world.

From the Materials to the Infinite

Mystics and shamans have recognized that that is true for millennia, and artists and non secular individuals comprehend it to today. Its rediscovery at the forefront of the science of consciousness augurs a profound shift in our view of the world. It overcomes the reply the now outdated materialist science offers to the query relating to the character of thoughts and consciousness: the reply in accordance with which consciousness is an epiphenomenon, a product or by-product of the workings of the mind. In that case, the mind can be like an electricity-generating turbine. The turbine is materials, whereas the present it generates will not be (or not strictly) materials. In the identical method, the mind might be materials, even when the consciousness it generates proves to be one thing that’s not fairly materials.

On first sight, this makes good sense. On a re-assessment, nevertheless, the materialist idea of what’s consciousness encounters main issues. First, a conceptual downside. How might a cloth mind give rise to a very immaterial stream of sensations? How might something that’s materials produce something immaterial? In trendy consciousness analysis and science this is named the “arduous downside.” It has no cheap reply. As researchers level out, we do not need the slightest concept how “matter” might produce “thoughts.” One is a measurable entity with properties akin to hardness, extension, pressure, and the like, and the opposite is an ineffable collection of sensations with no particular location in house and an ephemeral presence in time.

Fortuitously, the arduous downside doesn’t should be solved: it’s not an actual downside. There’s one other risk: thoughts is an actual ingredient in the true world and isn’t produced by the mind; it’s manifested and displayed by the mind.

Thoughts past Mind: Proof for a New Idea of Thoughts and Consciousness

If thoughts is an actual ingredient in the true world solely manifested reasonably than produced by the mind, it may possibly additionally exist with out the mind. There’s proof that thoughts does exist now and again past the mind: surprisingly, states of consciousness and aware consciousness appear potential within the absence of a functioning mind. There are circumstances—the near-death expertise (NDE) is the paradigm case—the place thoughts and consciousness persists when mind perform is impaired, and even halted.

Hundreds of observations and experiments present that folks whose mind stopped working however then regained regular functioning can expertise human consciousness through the time they’re and not using a functioning mind. This can’t be accounted for on the premises of the manufacturing concept of consciousness: if there isn’t a working mind, there can’t be consciousness. But there are circumstances of consciousness showing past the residing and dealing mind, and a few of these circumstances are usually not straightforward to dismiss as mere creativeness.

What Close to Loss of life Experiences Can Train Us

A putting NDE was recounted by a younger girl named Pamela. Hers has been only one amongst scores of NDEs that assist to reply the query of what’s consciousness; it’s cited right here for example that such experiences exist, and may be documented.

Pamela died on Might 29, 2010, on the age of fifty-three. However for hours she was successfully useless on the working desk nineteen years earlier. Her close to demise was induced by a surgical crew making an attempt to take away an aneurism in her mind stem.

After the operation, when her mind and physique returned to regular functioning, Pamela described intimately what had taken place within the working theater. She recalled amongst different issues the music that was enjoying (“Lodge California” by the Eagles). She described a complete collection of conversations among the many medical crew. She reported having watched the opening of her cranium by the surgeon from a place above him and described intimately the “Midas Rex” bone-cutting machine and the distinct sound it made.

About ninety minutes into the operation, at which level she ought to have had no mind perform or aware consciousness, she noticed her physique from the skin and felt herself being pulled out of it and right into a tunnel of sunshine. And he or she heard the bone noticed activate, although there have been specifically designed audio system in every of her ears that shut out all exterior sounds. The audio system themselves had been broadcasting audible clicks with a purpose to affirm that there was no exercise in her mind stem. Furthermore, she had been given a normal anesthetic that ought to have assured that she was absolutely unconscious. Pamela mustn’t have been in a position both to see or to listen to something.

It seems that human consciousness will not be, or not solely, tied to the residing mind. Along with NDEs, there are circumstances during which thoughts and consciousness are indifferent from the mind in regard to its location. In these circumstances consciousness originates above the eyes and the pinnacle, or close to the ceiling, or above the roof. These are the out-of-body experiences: OBEs.

There are OBEs the place congenitally blind individuals have visible consciousness. They describe their environment in appreciable element and with outstanding accuracy. What the blind expertise will not be restored eyesight, as a result of they’re conscious of issues which are shielded from their eyes or are past the vary of regular eyesight. Consciousness researcher Kenneth Ring known as these states of consciousness “transcendental consciousness.”

Visible consciousness within the blind joins a rising repertory of experiences collected and researched by Stanislav Grof: “transcendental experiences.” As Grof, a pioneer within the science of consciousness and the thoughts, discovered, these beyond-the-brain and beyond-here-and-now experiences are widespread—extra widespread than anybody would have suspected even a couple of years in the past—and provides us a clue into what consciousness is.

The Proof of After Loss of life Experiences

There are additionally experiences of ADEs, after-death experiences that assist broaden on the query “What’s Consciousness?” Hundreds of psychic mediums declare to have channeled the aware consciousness and expertise of deceased individuals, and a few of these experiences are usually not straightforward to dismiss as mere creativeness. One of the sturdy of those experiences has come from Bertrand Russell, the famend English thinker. Lord Russell was a skeptic, an outspoken debunker of esoteric phenomena, together with the survival of the thoughts or soul past the physique. He as soon as wrote, “I consider that once I die I shall rot, and nothing of my ego will survive.” But after he died he conveyed the next message to the medium Rosemary Brown.

It’s possible you’ll not consider that it’s I, Bertrand Arthur William Russell, who am saying these items, and maybe there isn’t a conclusive proof that I can provide by way of this considerably restrictive medium. These with an ear to listen to could catch the echo of my voice in my phrases, the tenor of my tongue in my tautology; those that don’t want to hear will little doubt conjure up a complete desk of tips to disprove my retrospective rhetoric.

. . . After respiratory my final breath in my mortal physique, I discovered myself in some kind of extension of existence that held no parallel so far as I might estimate, within the materials dimension I had lately skilled. I noticed that I used to be occupying a physique predominantly bearing similarities to the bodily one I had vacated eternally; however this new physique during which I now resided appeared nearly weightless and really unstable, and capable of transfer in any route with the minimal of effort. I started to suppose I used to be dreaming and would awaken all too quickly in that previous world, of which I had turn out to be considerably weary to seek out myself imprisoned as soon as extra in that ageing type which encased a mind that had waxed weary additionally and didn’t at all times wish to suppose once I wished to suppose. . .

A number of instances in my life [Lord Russell continued] I had thought I used to be about to die; a number of instances I had resigned myself with the perfect will that I might muster to ceasing to be. The thought of B.R. now not inhabiting the world didn’t bother me unduly. Befitting, I assumed, to present the chap (myself) a good burial and let him be. Now right here I used to be, nonetheless the identical I, with the capacities to suppose and observe sharpened to an unbelievable diploma. I felt earth-life all of a sudden appeared very unreal virtually because it had by no means occurred. It took me fairly an extended whereas to know that feeling till I noticed finally that matter is actually illusory though it does exist truly; the fabric world appeared now nothing greater than a seething, altering, stressed sea of indeterminable density and quantity.

This report “from past” seems hardly credible, had been it not that it’s supported by different ADEs. One of the putting and troublesome to dismiss of those ADEs is the case of a deceased chess grand grasp who performed a sport with a residing grand grasp.

Wolfgang Eisenbeiss, an beginner chess participant, engaged the medium Robert Rollans to transmit the strikes of a sport to be performed with Viktor Korchnoi, the world’s third-ranking grand grasp. His opponent was to be a participant whom Rollans was to seek out in his trance state. Eisenbeiss gave Rollans a listing of deceased grand masters and requested him to contact them and ask who can be prepared to play. Rollans entered his state of trance and did so. On June 15, 1985, the previous grand grasp Geza Maroczy responded and stated that he was accessible. Maroczy was the third-ranking grand grasp within the 12 months 1900. He was born in 1870 and died in 1951 on the age of eighty-one. Rollans reported that Maroczy responded to his invitation as follows.

I shall be at your disposal on this peculiar sport of chess for 2 causes. First, as a result of I additionally wish to do one thing to help mankind residing on Earth to turn out to be satisfied that loss of life doesn’t finish the whole lot, however as a substitute the thoughts and consciousness is separated from the bodily physique and comes as much as us in a brand new world, the place particular person life continues to present itself in a brand new unknown dimension. Second, being a Hungarian patriot, I wish to information the eyes of the world into the route of my beloved Hungary.

Korchnoi and Maroczy started a sport that was steadily interrupted on account of Korchnoi’s poor well being and quite a few travels. It lasted seven years and eight months. Talking by way of Robert Rollans, Maroczy gave his strikes in the usual type: for instance, “5. A3 – Bxc3+”; Korchnoi gave his personal strikes to Rollans in the identical type, however by bizarre communication. Each transfer was analyzed and recorded. It turned out that the sport was performed on the grand-master stage and that it exhibited the fashion for which Maroczy was well-known. It ended on February 11, 1993, when at transfer forty-eight Maroczy resigned. Subsequent evaluation confirmed that it was a clever resolution: 5 strikes later Korchnoi would have achieved checkmate.

On this case the medium Rollans channeled data he didn’t possess in his bizarre state of consciousness. And this data was so skilled and exact that this can be very unlikely that any individual Rollans might have contacted would have possessed it.

Neurosurgeons and Chess Grandmasters

In the case of the controversy round what’s consciousness, there’s additionally firsthand testimonies of human consciousness with out a functioning mind. The well-known Harvard neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, who was simply as insistently skeptical about consciousness past the mind as Lord Russell had been, gave an in depth account of his aware consciousness through the seven days he spent in deep coma. Within the situation during which he discovered himself, aware expertise, he beforehand stated, is totally excluded. But his expertise—which he described intimately in a number of articles and three bestselling books—was so clear and convincing that it has modified his thoughts. Consciousness, he’s now claiming, can exist past the mind.

The above-cited circumstances illustrate that there’s outstanding, and now and again remarkably sturdy, proof that consciousness will not be confined to the residing mind. Though this proof is widespread, it’s not extensively recognized. There are nonetheless individuals, together with scientists, who refuse to take cognizance of it. This isn’t stunning, provided that the proof is anomalous for the dominant world idea. Those that strongly disbelieve that such phenomena exist, not solely refuse to think about proof on the contrary, they typically fail to understand proof on the contrary when asking the query of what’s consciousness.

Nonetheless, the view and concept of consciousness as a elementary ingredient on this planet is gaining recognition. The Manifesto of the Summit on Put up-Materialist Science, Spirituality and Society (Tucson, Arizona, 2015) declared: “Thoughts represents a side of actuality as primordial because the bodily world. Thoughts is key within the universe, i.e., it can’t be derived from matter and diminished to something extra primary.”

An In-Fashioned World

It seems that consciousness will not be restricted to the person physique and mind; consciousness is a elementary ingredient within the universe. The universe, as we now know, will not be a website of matter transferring in passive house and indifferently flowing time; it’s a sea of coherent vibrations. These vibrations give us the phenomena of bodily realities akin to quanta, atoms, photo voltaic techniques, and galaxies, they usually additionally give us the phenomena of nonphysical realities: thoughts and consciousness.

The affirmation that bodily vibrations give rise to nonphysical thoughts phenomena is not only one other model of the “arduous query” of consciousness analysis—the issue of how one thing as materials because the mind may give rise to one thing as immaterial as consciousness. This nevertheless is a pseudo-problem, since clusters of vibration don’t produce the phenomana of consciousness; they manifest and show them. The cosmos that gave delivery to the universe is essentially an intelligence, and that intelligence is manifest in—“in-forms”—all phenomena.

The arduous query of the mind and consciousness evaporates if we understand that the bodily world is a website, a phase, and therefore a manifestation, of the intelligence of the cosmos. The vibrations that produce the phenomena of bodily and nonphysical phenomena, together with the thoughts and human consciousness, are a part of the fact of the world, a world that’s in-formed by, and manifests, the intelligence that’s not solely “of” the cosmos, however is the cosmos.

Cosmic Intelligence and the Primacy of Consciousness

The vibrations that manifest the cosmic intelligence are usually not bodily entities within the classical sense of the time period. They’ve a bodily in addition to a nonphysical facet. Seen from the skin, each cluster of vibration is a bodily phenomenon, a sample of vibration in house and time. However considered from the within—from the attitude of the given cluster—it’s a notion, an consciousness, a “feeling” of the world in and by that cluster. This inner, seemingly subjective however objectively actual facet is a elementary function of the universe that’s been uncovered by the science of consciousness in response to asking, “What’s consciousness?”. It’s the consciousness-aspect, one which didn’t emerge in the middle of time however was current when this universe was born within the wider actuality of the cosmos.

The underside line is that the phenomena that seem as aware consciousness weren’t created or produced by the clusters of vibration during which they seem: they’re manifested by them. Consciousness is, and has at all times been, current in all clusters, from quanta to galaxies. It’s not restricted to these with a posh mind and nervous system, although the extent of its manifestation corresponds to the extent of evolution of the clusters that manifest it—chimpanzees manifest a extra superior mind, thoughts, and consciousness than mice.

The clusters that manifest consciousness within the universe weren’t, and can’t have been, the product of probability—probability alone doesn’t clarify the presence of any cluster of vibration extra advanced than a hydrogen atom. It doesn’t clarify the presence of the best of organic organism. Calculations related to the theories science of consciousness present random mixing of the proteins that represent that DNA of the widespread fruit fly would have taken extra time than was accessible for the reason that Massive Bang. There’s something within the universe—a thoughts, a precept, or an intelligence—that orders and “in-forms” the phenomena that construction and maintain collectively the phenomena we observe on this planet.

The medium of this “in-formation” is the ensemble of the legal guidelines that govern occasions within the universe. Einstein wrote: “Everybody who’s severely concerned in the pursuit of science turns into satisfied spirit is manifest within the legal guidelines of the universe—a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one within the face of which we with our trendy powers should really feel humble.” Planck got here to the identical conclusion. He stated that we should assume the presence of an intelligence even behind the vibrations that represent the nuclei of atoms. This have to be a common intelligence. It’s the intelligence that not solely holds collectively the proton and the neutron within the nuclei of atoms however holds collectively atoms in molecules—and molecules within the multi-molecular buildings which are the bodily objects of the noticed universe.

Now we have motive to keep up that a cosmic intelligence is manifested in ours as effectively. Evidently, not the whole lot that seems in our on a regular basis consciousness is a mark of a cosmic intelligence; our on a regular basis human consciousness is especially furnished by sights and sounds, textures, odors, and tastes conveyed by our bodily senses. They outcome from our mind’s decoding of vibrations in our surroundings. Our eyes choose up a slender band of vibrations within the electromagnetic subject and rework them into shapes and colours of determinate brightness; our ears choose up a likewise slender if considerably wider band of vibrations within the air and rework them into sounds of particular pitch and depth. However sensory expertise, whereas it produces the principal content material of our expertise of the world, will not be the totality of our aware consciousness. Past the information of the senses there are photographs and intuitions, experiences and feeling tones that aren’t decoding of ambient vibrations by our eyes and ears: they’re trans-sensory, “transcendental” parts of consciousness. They emerge into prominence when the on a regular basis operations of the mind are slowed, or are shut down.

Transcendental Experiences

Transcendental experiences are a normal function of NDEs, however they floor additionally in different states of consciousness like sleep, and within the hypnogogic states between sleep and wakefulness. They seem in traumatic, uplifting, or in any other case life-transforming experiences. And, if the experiences channeled by psychic mediums are true, they emerge following the bodily loss of life of the physique. That they do stands to motive throughout the concept of consciousness introduced right here. Following the demise of the mind, the sensory parts of consciousness are withdrawn, and the transcendental parts alone dominate.

Consciousness past the mind was beforehand an esoteric assertion, but it surely now has a scientific basis. The clusters of vibration that convey our aware consciousness of the world embody clusters that convey transcendental experiences. These clusters are usually not essentially totally different from people who convey on a regular basis phenomena; they merely occupy a special frequency area. Clusters on the frequency akin to the sq. of the rate of sunshine produce the phenomenon of pure vitality, per Einstein’s mass-energy equation E = mc2. Clusters within the frequency area of the velocity of sunshine produce the feeling of sunshine, and people on the frequency area of the residing cell—about 150 megahertz—give us the notion of the on a regular basis world.

There are vibrations of an excessive low frequency as effectively. These low-frequency, long-wavelength vibrations are more likely to convey parts of the intelligence that in-forms our physique and our mind—and in-forms the universe.

Mind Waves

Oblique help for this speculation rising from the speculation and science of consciousness comes from the measurements of the EEG frequencies generated by the mind. In on a regular basis states of consciousness, pronounced excitations of the mind set off EEG waves within the gamma area, a frequency vary of as much as 100 hertz. The on a regular basis world seems within the beta vary, which is between 12 and 30 hertz. Deeply relaxed or meditative states of human consciousness happen within the low-frequency band often called alpha: 7.5–12 hertz. Transcendental experiences happen primarily within the nonetheless decrease band of theta, between four and seven hertz.

Beneath theta, we’ve the super-low vary of delta, between near-zero and four hertz. Delta waves are usually produced by the mind and consciousness solely in deep sleep. However there are exceptions. The mind of some psychic healers has been recognized to descend into this area whereas they’re engaged in therapeutic. And non secular leaders in deep meditation additionally perform on this super-low area, though they don’t seem to be within the unconscious state of deep sleep.

We have to revise the widespread assumption that non-ordinary “non secular” experiences happen at a high-frequency area. They don’t happen above the frequency of on a regular basis experiences, however beneath it. Odd, bodily sense-based expertise will not be the totality of human expertise, solely a small a part of it. We’re a cluster of vibration that manifests phenomena of a far wider vary than the slender phase that provides us the sensory knowledge the previous theories of the mind and consciousness instructed us is the totality of our expertise of the world.

This text on what’s consciousness is excerpted from The Immortal Thoughts: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness past the Mind by Ervin Laszlo. Printed with permission from the writer Internal Traditions Worldwide.

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Ervin Laszlo is a techniques scientist, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he’s the founder and president of the worldwide suppose tank the Membership of Budapest in addition to the Ervin Laszlo Heart for Superior Research. He lives in Tuscany. Go to his web site: ervinlaszlo.com

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