300 Rep Exercise – The Fitnessista

300 Rep Exercise – The Fitnessista


Hey hey! How are you? Hope your morning goes nicely! We’re simply hanging out, trying ahead to spending time outdoors -it cooled down fairly a bit this week!- and naturally, celebrating taco Tuesday. Liv all the time jogs my memory when the day is right here.. apparently we’re actually into tacos recently.

For in the present day, I’ve an all-new exercise for you! That is a kind of exercises you are able to do anyplace; all you want is a pair of dumbbells! It’s an ideal journey, naptime, or fast exercise. It has a *enjoyable* rep construction, too: you’re working to finish 300 complete reps (<— a mixture of totally different workouts) and you then’re completed! Aaaaand lined in sweat. All good issues.

300 rep workout you can do ANYWHERE! grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to get sweaty. fitnessista.com

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Right here’s what the exercise seems to be like:

300 rep workout you can do ANYWHERE! grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to get sweaty. fitnessista.com

Type cues and ideas:

Squats x 50: Be certain your toes are beneath your shoulders (hip width or barely wider is nice) and toes barely turned out. Deal with sitting again, whereas conserving your chest lifted and a good core. Inhale to decrease, exhale to rise. Make it possible for your knees go in the direction of your toes, however not far previous your toes. Sink your hips as little as your flexibility permits, whether or not it’s a small squat, or to hips simply above knee stage. You may squat decrease than knee stage if it really works for you, however typically it’s not one thing that I like to recommend.


Lunges x 50 complete (25 every): Take one large step ahead, and preserve your toes in keeping with your hips. Attempt to preserve your torso perpendicular to the ground as you sink down into your lunge. As you lunge, watch the entrance knee to ensure it stays stacked above the entrance ankle. As you rise, actively take into consideration making an attempt to squeeze your legs collectively.

Push-ups x 25: In your knees, toes, or modified in opposition to a wall. Maintain your hips down in keeping with your backbone, and exhale, squeezing your chest, to rise.

Mountain climbers x 75 complete: Get in plank place along with your wrists underneath your shoulders. Carry one knee in the direction of the elbow on the identical facet. Transfer again to plank and swap to the reverse facet. For extra of a problem, transfer as rapidly as attainable.

Reverse tabletop toe faucet x 50 complete: Begin in a reverse tabletop place with toes bent, wrists stacked underneath your shoulders (fingertips face ahead) and hips excessive. Inhale to decrease your hips in the direction of the ground, and as your exhale, press your hips up and attain one arm in the direction of your OPPOSITE foot. Decrease your foot again right down to the ground and repeat on the opposite facet.

Hip raises x 50: Begin in your again with legs bent and toes flat on the ground. You may place weights your hips for additional resistance. Squeeze your glutes to raise your hips, conserving your higher again urgent into the ground. Decrease down in the direction of the ground (don’t contact it!) and exhale to rise again up.

Hip raise

Please let me know if you happen to give it a attempt!
Do you wish to play “rep video games” along with your exercise? What’s your fave?

My all-time fave is to select a difficult train (normally one thing heavy) and depend down from 10 reps: so 10 reps, 9, Eight, 7, 6 and so forth, however once you get to 1, do 10. It’s intense. 😉




2-Four-6-Eight-10 exercise #1

the video

and the treadmill model

Pictures: Lindsay Colson

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